not an agency

Brand Organic started in agency land as a full-service branding and marketing business. Within 2 years, we’d built a formidable operation that offered clients a “go to” for most of their marketing needs. The team was building healthily and kicking goals all around. I ran my agency as the creative director and business manager – I was burning out and my soul had started to tarnish. So, despite all of this amazing growth I had a crisis of conscience…

I’ve turned into a suit! I’m worrying about billable hours, holding onto my clients, signing new clients, employee issues. This isn’t why I became a creative!

So, with a heavy (yet decided) heart I decided to shut down the agency and return to operating as a freelancer. The yearning to reconnect with the creative flow for myself and my work was stronger than the desire to make great money building an agency.

I’ve only looked forward since then: working on projects that have room for real creative solutions with clients doing amazing things in varying industries. And the amazing thing is, when you do what you love, the money you need seems to find its way to you.

I now own and run a restaurant on the South Coast of NSW and continue to service a hand full of clients, offering brand strategy, graphic design and project management. Every project that comes my way is so engaging and exciting. From artists campaigns, to mobile web design, restaurant menu creation and building brands organically with great design and genuine understanding of what the client needs and wants.

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